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The James Doughty Foundation

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Jim Doughty, has been fighting Recurring Hodgkin's Lymphoma for 5 years now. Unfortunately, due to his stem-cell transplant, he now also has Leukemia, which is cancer of the blood and bone marrow. He is scheduled to be in the hospital for two months total.

Now that Jim is fighting two cancers at once, their already very difficult road, is about to get even tougher.

As you can understand, the 20% he and his wife must pay after insurance pays, is a lot. They only have one salary (since Jim cannot work) and Sera (his wife) has been informed that she may be losing her job in a few months.

We have set up a foundation website for them:

If you can, please do one or some of the following:

  1. Make a Donation
    No amount is too small.

  2. Spread the Word
    To Family, Friends, Coworkers, Your Company, to raise awareness and donations.

  3. Raise Funds
    • If you are a musician, you could have a small concert in your area, with all proceeds going to Jim and Sera.
    • If you are an artist, you could host an event and sell art pieces with sales going to Jim and Sera.
    • If you are neither, you can host a fund raiser, at your workplace, at your house, at a restaurant.
    • Sell items on EBay or have a garage sale to raise money

  4. Pray
    Whatever your religion and your way of praying or positive thinking. It is welcome.


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