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A new file and media sharing service out of NYC called launched its alpha late last week. It is a different in approach than the other file sharing services currently available.

A similar site is Dropboxs, which lets you share large files, with a storage area up to 1 GB in size.

While we still recommend and use Yousendit, but we find that the above sites are a little more user friendly.

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Desktop Wallpaper Section

We are happy to announce that we have just released a new, free, desktop wallpaper section to the website.

We hope to continually add more as time permits.

As always, we welcome your feedback.

visit now >>

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How Gmail Blocks Spam

While Gmail doesn't filter all the spam messages that could reach your inbox, it certainly does a better job than other webmail apps like Yahoo Mail or Hotmail. Gmail's filters are constantly improving and an important ingredient of their effectiveness is the use of community signals.


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CNN Partners With Google

Google and CNN are announcing this morning a multi-year partnership whereby the Google AdSense product will text serve ads on This deal will allow anyone using AdWords to have their ads on Google will be the exclusive text ad partner for CNN.


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Spatial Imagery

Very interesting demonstration about the future of physical imagery and print media. Definitely worth checking out.


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Affordable Marketing

Here are just a few marketing tips that work for small business that are just getting started, or that are looking for ideas.

Keep your prices lower than you would like, initially, to increase your customer base. This will help word-of-mouth advertising.

Consider putting flyer's and/or business cards at local businesses, mailboxes, and similar locations.

Join network organizations, like BNI, the Chamber of Commerce, etc.

Create partnerships with companies that compliment yours in some way. A web design firm can partner with an ISP to provide services that the ISP may not already provide. A general contractor could partner with a real estate company, etc.

If you don't tell anyone about your business, nobody will know. The more people that know about your business (friends, family, friends of friends, strangers you meet) the more word-of-mouth referrals you may get. It's obviously better to wait until it comes up in conversation, and to be brief but memorable. You don't wait to be "that guy" or "that girl" that always talks ad nauseum about their business.

These are just a few examples. Other affordable ideas include:
  • Having your company logo/information on your car
  • Having a contest/giveaway
  • Writing for your local paper or other websites
  • Giving freebies with your logo to people you meet (pencils, pens, etc.)
Consider brainstorming to come up with additional marketing techniques.

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The New Microsoft Surface

The launch of Microsoft Surface marks the beginning of a new technology category and a user-interface revolution. Surface, Microsoft's first surface computer, provides effortless interaction with digital content through natural hand gestures, touch and physical objects. Surface computing breaks down traditional barriers between people and technology.


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CSS Speech Bubbles

Easy to customize bubbles with square or rounded designs ready to go. Great for blog comments!


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Cancel Or Allow?

We use PCs here, but have nothing against Macs. We found the recent "Get A Mac" commercial that pokes fun at Windows Security Center to be very funny.

Click Here To Watch The Commercial

The security center is a feature that protects us, but annoys us. So it's good to see that it's coming under scrutiny.

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CSS Techniques

CSS-based techniques you should always have ready in hand if you develop web-sites. Thanks to all developers who contributed to accessible and usable css-based design over the last few years. We really appreciate it.


alternate link >>

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