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FAQs : Why Shouldn't I Design My Own Website?

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This often seems like a good idea initially, getting a free or nearly free website by doing it yourself, or having a friend or family member do it. We all know someone that can design a website.

In theory, we could all build our own house. But, how would it look, and how well will it function? Probably not very good. Consider looking at building your own website in the same way. Just because you or someone you know says they "can" do something, doesn't mean they "should".

By trying to save a little money, you are most likely getting an ineffective website, and one that may damage your company's reputation by the way it looks.

Most successful companies, do not get where they are by having friends and family do the office construction, accounting, infrastructure, and financing. Experience, dedication, passion, and industry knowledge are just some of the ingredients you should be looking for, when you decide who to put in charge or your website, logo, advertisement, or similar project.

The Bottom Line:

If you have someone inexperienced design your company's website, your company will look inexperienced or unprofessional to your customers. We have been designing websites since 1994. In that time, we have seen what methods and technologies work and which ones don't. We continually leverage emerging trends and technologies to create the most innovative and easy-to-use websites for our clients.


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