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FAQs : What to Provide Us for a Design Request

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  1. General Thoughts And Ideas About The Site
    Write down any thoughts and ideas you have about the service you would like to request from us. This can be goals, a wish list, preferences, questions--almost anything you feel might be relevant.

  2. Style Samples
    Provide samples (URLs, magazine clippings, printouts) of what style site or design is appealing to you. We also need to know who your competitors are. This helps us tailor the prototypes to your preferences.

  3. List of Requested Features
    Provide a list of desired features or enhancements in detail if possible, along with a site or sites with similar features.

  4. General Site Outline
    Many sites are organized in a hierarchy. Such as HOME, PRODUCTS, SERVICES, SUPPORT, ABOUT US, CONTACT US. Providing a general outline of the site will help us determine your needs more effectively.


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